Photo Tips from the Pros Series: Josie Dinsmore

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Words and Image by Josie Dinsmore

A great tip that I would like to share is something that I do all the time when I visit Ontario Provincial Parks and other outdoor areas. I especially did this a lot when I visited Killbear Provincial Park for the first time!

My tip is to explore...

When you visit an awesome place, such as Killbear Provincial Park, you could visit all of the most popular scenic spots and probably get some amazing photos. And that's great, but your photos could end up looking like the thousands of photos that other people have taken at that same spot. So take some photos of the famous landscapes and then explore a little. Walk around: a little further away from the popular spots. Walk behind rocks, around bushes, underneath trees, look all around and up and down; take your shoes off and walk into the water along the shoreline, and just explore.

You never know what amazing photos you could take of something or a landscape, just beyond the popular spots!

...And experiment!

Don't just walk up to something or a landscape that you want to take a photo of--try moving around a little. Try a close-up shot or a wide angle shot. Place the subject in the center of the photo or maybe off to one side, get down low and look up; go to higher ground and look down, move around for a different perspective.

Sometimes a great photo can become spectacular by just slightly changing the direction in which you are taking the photo! 


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