Photo Tips from the Pros Series: Jordan Holden

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Image & text: Jordan Holden

Landscape photography tip:

Photographing landscapes and nature in general, can be incredibly peaceful. I often like to get up early in the morning to catch the sunrise, or wander off by myself to capture the sunset. There are several key things to keep in mind when photographing landscapes. The first one is to make sure you choose a smaller aperture. This will allow you to have a greater depth of field, and therefore, more of your scene will be in focus. Having a smaller aperture will let less light in, so you will have to counter that by increasing your ISO or decreasing your shutter speed. When you decrease your shutter speed, the shutter remains open longer to let more light in. With the shutter open longer, there is a higher chance of having camera shake, which will cause motion blur, so having a tripod is very important.

The tripod with stabilize your camera and allow the shot to be in focus. Another important thing to remember, is to change your point of view. Sometimes you will need to take several photographs of the same thing, but at different angles, in order to get the exact shot you were envisioning. Try shooting from higher angles and lower angles, as well as walking around the subject to get it from a different perspective. Sometimes changing the perspective even slightly can take it from being a good photograph to a great photograph. 

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