The Beauty of Killbear

Lynn Johnstone

Lynn Johnstone

Thousands of visitors and campers have been coming to Killbear Provincial Park for decades. For many, it has become a tradition to come with friends and family. The beauty of Killbear lies with its distinct beaches, varied wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Killbear is renowned for its countless camping areas, great hiking trails and it is simply a dream for both professional and amateur photographers alike to capture stunning photos! 

Although camping season is coming to a close at the end of this month (October 29th to be exact) it has been a very busy and active 2017 season for Killbear. There have been many great events, concerts and talks throughout the spring and summer months. The Friends of Killbear will continue to help continue building programs with the Park to entertain, delight and educate our campers and visitors.

So if you haven't visited Killbear Provincial Park please take the time to check out our site as well as Killbear section at Parks Ontario. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And look for yourself all the awesome things that you can do and discover when you either visit or camp at Killbear. It will be an unforgettable experience that you will never forget.