Cycling at Killbear

Cycling at Killbear

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Image & text: Steve Shikaze

My first memory from Killbear is from so long ago, I can't remember how old I was.  I remember playing in the sand on the beach under the warm summer sun, occasionally dipping my feet in the cool Georgian Bay waters. There was a long period before I went back to Killbear and it wasn't until I had a child of my own that we went back regularly and for over a decade now, we've been camping there every May and September.

Cycling is a big part of our semi-annual trips to the park.  Killbear offers a six-kilometer Recreational Trail that extends from the park entrance to Lighthouse Point.  This trail is a dirt/gravel trail that twists and turns and runs parallel to the main road through the park.  There are some short hills and if you're lucky, you might spot a deer or other wildlife.

Here are some tips for cycling:

  • Once you get to the Lighthouse Point parking lot, there's a trail that takes you to the lighthouse where the rocks offer a beautiful view.  You can lock your bike in the parking lot and walk to the lighthouse.
  • The Recreational Trail is used by hikers as well as cyclists, so be sure to ride in control because there are some blind turns and if you're riding too fast, you may not be able to slow down when you encounter other trail users.
  • You can use the Recreational Trail to get to the Visitor Centre and Nature Shoppe. 

Camping at Killbear has a lot to offer: beaches, hikes, fishing, interpretive programs.  While these are great activities, be sure to take your bike next time you go!

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