Here's how we've been accomplishing our mission of enhancing your visit to Killbear and supporting protection of this special place.

Killbear Recreation Trail 2

The Recreational Trail

The Killbear Recreation Trail runs the length of the park, paralleling the main road. The Friends of Killbear raised over $50,000 to help build the 6 km trail which opened in 2002.

Killbear Activity Centre 2

The Picnic shelter

The picnic shelter, located at the Day Use Beach, gives park visitors a covered shelter to enjoy park programs, picnics, and private get-togethers protected from the harsher elements while enjoying the spectacular beauty of Kilcoursie Bay. The picnic shelter was a joint project with Ontario Parks with the Friends contributing a third of the costs.

You can rent the Picnic Shelter for your next get together by phoning the park at 705 342 5492 x 0. There is a rental fee.

Rattlesnake Research

Conservation, Research and education on Species at Risk

The Friends of Killbear have supported research on Killbear's species at risk, including the threatened Massasauga Rattlesnake and the threatened Eastern Foxsnake. The Friends' recent contributions have aided with the construction of snake fences and research into the effectiveness of the ecopassages and snake fencing in preventing rattlesnake mortality.

Wakami Wailers at Killbear.JPG

Summer Concerts

The Friends of Killbear have funded summer concerts for park visitors including favourites such as David Archibald, Whiskey Jack, the Wakami Wailers, Ian Tamblyn, Katherine Wheatley and Min We We. Check out our Upcoming Events to see who will be performing this year.

Parry Sound Water Festival

Killbear Water Festival

The Water Festival is an annual event for local area grade five students to highlight the importance of Georgian Bay for all who live on its shores through fun games, dramas, and activities. The festival is a partnership between the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, the Near North District School Board, the Friends of Killbear, and the park.

Lookout Point Trail Improvements

Trail Improvements

The Friends of Killbear has provided funds to boardwalk muddy and wet sections of Killbear's trails.


Mini Excavator

The Friends of Killbear purchased a mini excavator to assist with the construction of snake fencing and trail maintenance throughout the park.