Killbear is open from the second Friday of May until the last weekend of October. During this time all visitors must have either a Camping Permit, or a Day Use or Seasons Pass (available for purchase at the park offices).

To reserve a campsite click or phone 1 888 668 7275. You can make reservations 5 months in advance of your arrival date.

Killbear in winter.

Killbear in winter.


Killbear is one of the most popular parks in Ontario. Although it can be difficult to get a reservation during July and August, Killbear is rarely full. The park has 880 campsites. 108 of the campsites are non-reservable (first come-first serve).

The busiest period for camping at Killbear is Canada Day weekend (July 1st), mid July – mid August and Labour Day weekend (1stMonday in September).

There are usually lots of empty campsites the last two weeks before Labour Day, especially if you avoid Friday and Saturday nights.

If you have difficulty getting a reservation, consider changing your dates or shortening your stay (i.e. try a Sunday to Thursday booking). Since some people end up changing or cancelling their reservations, you should check the website every few weeks to see if anything has opened up.

If you are willing to move your site you may be able to patch together a longer stay on campsites that have gaps between reservations. For example: Campsite A is booked for July 10 – 17, empty for two nights and then booked for July 19 – July 25: Campsite B is booked for July 5 – 19, empty for 3 nights and then booked July 22 – Aug 3. It would be possible to make a reservation on campsite A for July 17-19 and campsite B for July 19-22. 

To look for campsite availability – use the availability calendar on the reservation page of the Ontario Parks website or phone the call centre.

Spring Camping

A little known secret about Killbear is that the blackfly season is exceptionally short (typically 3 or 4 days in late May) and not very intense. Although mosquitoes can be thick in the bush later in the spring and early summer, they are not usually much of a problem at campsites except for a brief period at dusk.

Fall Camping

Killbear Rec Trail in Fall

Fall camping is exceptionally nice at Killbear as Georgian Bay usually stays fairly warm through most of September and the number of visitors drops by 50 – 80% which leaves you with kilometres of empty beaches, rocky shoreline and hiking trails to explore.

Fall Colours at Killbear often peak around Thanksgiving (the 2nd Monday of October). During the last half of October the park turns a beautiful copper colour as the beach and oak leaves stay on the trees much later than the maples.

During the closed season (November until early May) visitors are allowed to park at the main office for free and go for a hike, bike, ski or snowshoe. The bathrooms at the main office are open year round. Please note that dogs must be on leash at all times in the park, even when the park is closed.